TN Press highlights Office of Open Records

In Advocacy on October 16, 2012 at 10:42 pm

Tennessee Press Association Public Policy Director Frank Gibson has highlighted the work being done by the state’s Office of Open Records. Gibson profiles Open Records Counsel Elisha Hodge who sits at the helm of the office that has assisted more than 5,000 Tennesseans in pursuit of greater government transparency. Gibson writes, “Annual reports filed by the Office for 2008-11 showed 4,129 queries and complaints were received over that four-year period. Calls to the office averaged 1,240 annually for the last two years. The 2012 report will be due March 1. More than a majority of OORC calls comes from government, mostly local. Almost half came from citizens and fewer than 8 percent came from the news media.” The full article can be found at:

Hodge’s work has been an invaluable resource in open records and open meetings advocacy because of her clear understanding and even handed application of the state’s open meetings and open records legislation. A link to the Office of Open Records can be found in the right hand column on the main page. 

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