For Media / Journalists

Not sure when a local school board can recess into executive session and discuss public business in private?

See items listed on a consent agenda that were reportedly decided in “executive committee,” and never discussed in an open public meeting?

Been denied copies of city, county or school system budget?

For assistance:

(1) Post in the “Reply,” section below for feedback within one business day; or

(2) Send detailed message to TN Transparency Project Director Jim Zachary at


DISCLAIMER: The Tennessee Transparency Project does not provide legal counsel. The opinions / views expressed on this site or by any representative do not constitute a legal opinion and should not be used as a legal argument or defense of position. The Tennessee Transparency Project is a research project and resource for information regarding open meetings and open records issues facing Tennessee citizens.

  1. Please let me know how we can work together.

    • Tennessee Transparency Project is encouraged by the watchdog efforts and pleased to share it with Transparency Project followers. We encourage citizens and members of the media to continue keeping an eye on public officials. Please provide relevant followup by visiting the “Manchester officials may have two sets of public records,” post on our main page and “commenting.”

      Please visit “Ways you can participate in the Tennessee Transparency Project” section or write Director Jim Zachary at

      Good work.

  2. Also ..please visit our website and check out the MISCONDUCT story at Manchester City Hall. Great public repose. Much gusto and vitriol from cops and city officials. Channel 4 picked it up. TBI looking into it but local crony DA says he wont prosecute any findings.

  3. a HUGE Problem in Sullivan County Tn with our City and County govern officials. When it comes to them having their “Private” meeting and it concerns our childrens education and the closing of our schools, THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!!! They think they are doing nothing WRONG. We vote them in, we can vote them out

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