Ways You Can Participate in the Tennessee Transparency Project

How can you be an active participant in the Tennessee Transparency Project? 

(1) Share your experiences: Have you fought for open records / open meetings in your community? Are you aware of situations where the state’s open meetings act or open records act has been or is being violated? Whether you are a citizen or a member of the working media, do you have published reports or a narrative related to current government transparency issues? Share those experiences with other members of the Tennessee Transparency Project by posting a brief narrative or published report below or by emailing:

(2) Editorial submissions: Do you have an original editorial or a published work that may be posted with permissions for the benefit of Tennessee Transparency Project followers? Send MS Word document, Pages document or PDF to

(3) Blogging team: Join our blogging team by replying to the current director’s blog or by sending an original blog post to for consideration.

(4) Speakers Bureau: Do you have the appropriate expertise, training, background, educational experience or personal experiences to join a speakers bureau for recommendation to clubs, agencies, organizations, nonprofit groups, government bodies, watchdog groups, media companies, press associations or other groups seeking public speakers to address government transparency?  Send a cover letter and resume of qualifications to Project Director Jim Zachary at

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